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Pittaway Special Coatings Ltd, Ilumitex House, 106-114 Flinton Street, Hull, HU3 4NA, England.

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Exporting Around the World in 2014

Exporting Around the World in 2014

Pittaway have had continued success in trading in 2014, with the company exporting products to four more countries around the globe.

Over the last few years Pittaway Special Coatings has expanded its customer base, exporting ILUMITEX from Europe to New Zealand, and the rising demand for it overseas has seen even more exports of late.

The last few months have seen us exporting to the new territories of Ireland, Sweden, South Africa and Malaysia.

With 35 years of experience and customer satisfaction, it is hoped ILUMITEX will continue to be successfully provided overseas.

Pittaway at the Scottish Decorators Federation show

Pittaway at the Scottish Decorators Federation show

Pittaway Special Coatings Limited exhibited at this years Scottish Painting and Decorating Show.

The event, held at the Marriott in Edinburgh, welcomed more than 500 delegates through the doors and was a huge success, with manufacturers exhibiting their new products and doing hands-on demonstrations.

Our Managing Director, Roger Pittaway was there to demonstrate the ILUMITEX system in action.

Take a more in depth look at our Ilumitex Spray video demonstration on the front page of our website.

Pittaway Working with J Melton Ltd

Pittaway Working with J Melton Ltd

Pittaway are proud to be working with approved contractor J Melton Ltd.

J Melton have provided decorating services to Lincolnshire and surrounding counties for over 40 years and working together we are delivering our ILUMITEX anti-graffiti lacquer to the following projects:
Havelock Academy - Grimsby;
Cordeaux School - Louth;
King Edward 6th Grammar School - Louth;
John Whitgift Academy- Grimsby - WC refurbishments;
Lincolnshire County Council (Moushell);
Steve Adkins - Specified Through Hyder Building Services;
and Abbey Walk Car Park - Grimsby - Re-sprayed twice, change of colour.

Ilumitex System Demonstrated at Lowestoft College

ILUMITEX System Demonstrated at Lowestoft College

Students from Lowestoft College were given a demonstration of painting and decorating products by Roger Pittaway and multiple award winning local decorator, Wayne de Wet.

They visited the College to talk to the students and give demonstrations on how walls and areas can be transformed with the specialist ILUMITEX system at a pilot roadshow held at the campus in Suffolk.

The students also had the chance to boost their tool kits with a competition to win up to £250 of decorating-related prizes.

If you would like to discuss a demonstration day in more detail then please contact or call us on +44 (0)1482 329007 for more information.

Builders Merchant Demonstrations

Builders Merchant Demonstrations

We are working across the United Kingdom with a range of Builders Merchants and Trade suppliers demonstrating our products and application of our products for customers.

We can hold bespoke demonstration days to suit your requirements. For example; some merchants offer these as a corporate internal training schemes for employees so staff and partners keep up to date in new techniques and applications and also helps to increase product knowledge. We can provide staff with accrediation certificates upon successful completion of the training.

We have held customer only demonstration days in store and we have expert staff on hand to answer any questions or queries.

If you would like to discuss a demonstration day in more detail then please contact or call us on +44 (0)1482 329007 for more information.

Contract Wins in Glasgow

Contract Wins in Glasgow

Pittaway Special Coatings Ltd are delighted that our product has been specified for the South General Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Hospital is located in Linthouse in the south west of Glasgow, and provides a comprehensive range of acute and related clinical services.

The overall construction project has been high spec to suit the needs of the client.

Our product has been applied to the walls and staircases with exceptional results and impact.

As well as South General Hospital we have successfully secured 2 further projects in Glasgow, with additional contracts for Glasgow Police and the Genting Casino.

Pittaways ISO 9001 Accreditation is Renewed

Pittaway's ISO 9001 Accreditation is Renewed

Pittaway Special Coatings Ltd are happy to announce that they have recently had their ISO 9001 accreditation renewed. The renewal will allow the company to ensure that they meet the needs of their customers and other stakeholders. It will allow Special Coatings Ltd to continue making the improvements required to maintain their wonderful, professional service.

To achieve this, the ISO 9001 allows the team to use corrective action to satisfy customers and detecting any areas in the business that could be improved. It has always been the primary goal of Pittaway Special Coatings Ltd to provide the best quality service for their customers, listening to their testimonials and comments.

The renewal confirms the company’s dedication to customer driven quality, and is something the whole team are very proud of.

Pittaway's Neon Glow

Pittaway's Neon Glow

Pittaway Special Coatings Limited new neon range which reacts under UV light is now available.

The range can be used in a variety of places, including gyms, nightclubs and even for quirky uses such as home cinema rooms.

Colour plays an important role in the world in which we live and work. Colour can influence thinking, change actions, create ambience and also cause reactions.

Did you know that Colour has three properties? These are hue, saturation and value (which is sometimes called lightness). Neon colours are very saturated as they contain one hue.

Take a look at more of our ranges on the front page of our website.

Pittaway's Export Demand Grows

Export Demand Grows

Throughout the last year, Pittaway Special Coatings Limited has expanded its customer base through exporting ILUMITEX. The benefits of using the durable wall covering are numerous, explaining the rising demand for it overseas.

In the past, Pittaway have exported to Europe, the Baltic States and parts of Africa. However, demand is now growing as the company is now sending ILUMITEX to Hong Kong, New Zealand and more areas of Africa.

Roger Pittaway, the company's Managing Director, said, 'We are an established company with a unique product. Exporting it abroad is a fantastic opportunity for us to display it to a wider market.' Requests for ILUMITEX interiors have come from one of the largest supermarket stores in Asia, as well as a hotel in North Africa. This demonstrates the product's adaptability, as it is appropriate for so many different types of businesses.

July and August have been an incredibly busy months for Pittaway Special Coatings, with demand steadily increasing. 35 years of experience and customer satisfaction demonstrates the quality of the service provided, and will continue to provide overseas.

Pittaway's New Flooring Commission

Pittaway's New Flooring Commission

When Coo-var required a new laboratory floor, they chose Pittaway Special Coatings to supply them with their unique PVA flakes.

Coo-var specialise in providing businesses with specialist flooring and decoration. They manufacture functional paint, specialising in antigrafitti, antislip and anticlimb products. The contractor for this project was Zircon Resin Flooring, which maintains and repairs commercial and industrial floors, with their seamless resin flooring.

Pittaway provided their PVA flakes, which Zircon applied to Coo-var's resin base floor. Geoff Mackrill, owner of Coo-var, said, 'The Flakes supplied by Pittaway Special Coatings to work in the Profloor Plus flooring system have produced both an attractive and easy to clean floor.'

The application of the PVA flakes is swift and hassle free, meaning that Coo-var's activities were not disturbed for a long period of time. The odour and fume free process of spraying dry flakes onto a base coat, then adding several topcoats is complete within one day. The results will last Coo-var at least two to three years longer than normal paint. With the benefits of ILUMITEX over standard materials, Pittaway's latest client are sure to be enjoying them for years to come.

Pittaway Special Coatings New ILUMITEX Fan Chart

Pittaway Special Coatings Limited Produce New Fan Chart

ILUMITEX is perfect for so many businesses, including busy leisure environments and workplaces. The amount of customers who would benefit from our unique wall coverings means we require a method of showcasing ILUMITEX while travelling or networking. This idea has materialised into a flip chart containing A5 sheets of ILUMITEX samples.

The chart allows customers to appreciate the variety and appearance of the coatings that are available. It consists of eight different samples of ILUMITEX and the fan chart is simple to use and can be easily viewed when held up to a wall so that the finished product can be fully envisaged.

Pittaway Special Coatings Limited's fan chart not only provides the customer with a strong insight into what the wall covering would be like, but it is also easy to use and portable. It is undoubtedly an intelligent method of showcasing the ILUMITEX product.

Paint vs. ILUMITEX

Paint vs. ILUMITEX

Pittaway Special Coatings Limited has developed something special, with their unique ILUMITEX wall coverings. Its numerous beneficial properties mean that using paint is no longer the only option for businesses looking for an attractive, easy to apply finish on their walls.

The process of applying ILUMITEX is very simple, with tiny, multi-coloured PVA flakes being projected onto a base coat with the ILUMITEX equipment devised by the company. These flakes can be any colour the client wants, with a number of finishes ranging from matte to metallic. ILUMITEX'S versatility means that it is ideal for a variety of businesses. Schools, sports centres and nightclubs are all perfect for an ILUMITEX refurbishment.

However, why should businesses choose ILUMITEX over paint? When comparing the two, the answer is clear. When paint would chip and become dull over time, ILUMITEX is non-static so that it stays cleaner for longer and lasts two to three times as long. The PVA flakes dry onto the wall, providing a much more durable surface. The combination of these properties makes ILUMITEX the best choice for busy areas.

The benefits are conclusive in demonstrating how ILUMITEX is the best choice for decorating. Paint cannot provide the unique aesthetic, or rival the product's effortless application. When clients use ILUMITEX once, they are sure to use it forever.

Pittaway Joins The Scottish Decorators Federation

Pittaway Joins The Scottish Decorators Federation

Pittaway Special Coatings Ltd has been supplying businesses with their unique ILUMITEX product for a number of years, adding a touch of glamour with their extensive ranges of effects. These range from ultraviolet flakes to pearlescent glitters. Recently, Pittaway made the decision to join the Scottish Decorators Federation (SDF) in order to further improve the company’s effectiveness.

There are numerous benefits to being affiliated with such a renowned organisation as the SDF. They are committed to improving the industry’s image, by ensuring that their members are provided with all of the most up to date knowledge, training and skills. Not only this, but the SDF ensure that their businesses are protected, by negotiating with the Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians on wages and working conditions.

This partnership between the SDF and Pittaway Special Coatings means the business is sure to grow stronger than ever with the support of the trade association.

Pittaway Exporting Worldwide

Pittaway Exporting Worldwide

Pittaway Special Coatings Limited specialise in the supply and application of our unique ILUMITEX products, providing all kinds of businesses with modern and fresh appearances. These range from sports centres to clubs and bars.

The service received with our company is unrivalled, and it is this level of customer care that gives us a worldwide reputation. Our products have been exported around the world, from Europe, the Baltic States and across to Africa.

The modern edge of our products is very attractive on an international basis, which correlates with the findings of the British Coatings Federation. They found that ‘Export performance improved significantly in the last six months with the final-half of 2012 seeing a particularly strong improvement. For this period exports increased 11%.’

With 35 years of experience and customer satisfaction, anyone who chooses Pittaway Special Coatings Limited is sure to receive quality service. If you have any further enquiries or would be interested in working with us to supply our unique products abroad, please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0)1482 329007.

Hull College Film Shoot

Hull College Film Shoot

Students at Hull College were present to watch a spray demonstration of the ILUMITEX system by the company's Managing Director, Roger Pittaway.

Trainees were taught how to use the equipment and learn skills on applying the ILUMITEX system.

Upon completion of the training, students are issued a Pittaway certificate, qualifications and identification card.

Pittaway at the National Painting and Decorating Show, Coventry

Pittaway at the National Painting and Decorating Show, Coventry

Pittaway Special Coatings Limited were proud to exhibit and demonstrate at the 2012 National Painting and Decorating Show in Coventry.

A record-breaking number of visitors flocked to the Ricoh Arena as exhibitors travelled from around the world and Managing Director, Roger Pittaway was there to demonstrate the ILUMITEX system in action.

You can view our film of the event on the front page of our website.