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Pittaway Special Coatings Ltd, Ilumitex House, 106-114 Flinton Street, Hull, HU3 4NA, England.

Product Information


The well-defined and tastefully selected multicolour flake combinations produce a luxurious lightly surfaced visual texture, yet the final coat of lacquer affords a comparatively smooth, easily cleaned surface.

Perfect use in

Public Areas • Schools • Hospitals • Public Buildings • Airport Terminals • Sporting Arenas • High Rise Flats / Housing • Shopping Malls / Centres • Factories • Hotels • Restaurants • Theme Parks • Leisure Complexes • Theatres / Cinemas • Night Clubs • Discotheques.

“As a Decorating Contractor I would like you and other potential clients to know your ILUMITEX product, which I have used in Nursing Homes and Hospitals over the last 6 years, is without a doubt in my opinion in the top three products any decorator could wish to use. Customer satisfaction is quaranteed. Thanks again!”
- Andrew Bluck, Owner, A P BLUCK Painting and Decorating, Scarborough.

Nightclub Example


The finish is long lasting and can be scrubbed repeatedly without damage to the finish. The metallic shapes can be used are non-tarnishable, ensuring the system keeps its good looks.


As the finish is completely continuous there is no shrinkage, 'scuffing' or opening of joints, as can happen with jointed wall coverings.


With a life expectancy of 2-3 times conventional paint systems, savings in redecoration programs can be easily made.

Low odour

Produces fewer fumes and less odour during and after application.

“It makes a real nice change to deal with a company that cares about what they do and everyone that i have dealt with does.”
- Richard Hutton.

Wall Example

Quick system

Can be completed in one day.

No masking or no gun cleaning is required


The finish is non-static, thus remaining cleaner longer.


Tests have been carried out by the Warrington Research Centre on the system using Asbestolux as a substrate (to simulate plaster surfaces) covering Ignitability/Fire Propagation and Surface Spread of Flame to BS476 Parts 5.6 and 7 respectively. The results obtained were as follows: Part 5 - classified 'P' or not easily ignitable; Part 6 - I is 1.6 and i, is 1.1; Part 7- nil, surface spread of flame on all six specimens tested. The combination of Parts 5 and 6 gives the system a class 'O' rating and part 7 gives it a Class 1 rating.

Film build

The complete system has a film thickness of approx. 1.25 microns of an inch which ensures good opacity and is ideal for rough and badly cracked surfaces.