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Pittaway Special Coatings Ltd, Ilumitex House, 106-114 Flinton Street, Hull, HU3 4NA, England.

About Pittaway Ilumitex

Little did Mr James Pittaway realise the significance of his clients request to extend the pva floor flakes up and onto the walls back in the late 1960's. As the second generation Managing Director of a local painting and decorating contractor, his practical skills showed when he solved the problem.

By not only patenting the system and registering the trade names of ILUMITEX for the pva flake variety and ILUMITEXTRA where the large glitters are included, his business acumen set the foundation of today's company.

In 1978 Pittaway Special Coatings Ltd was formed to meet the ever increasing demand from both the UK and mainland Europe. Development of subtle ranges containing Ultra Violet flakes and pearlescent glitters continued.

During 1999 the pva flake manufacturing plant was brought to our Hull factory with the formation of Pittaway Sempol Ltd.

This company manufactures the flake for ILUMITEX ranges and also supplies the ever increasing demand from the resin flooring industry.

These solid family foundations are the base for continued improvement and expansion by James' grandson Roger, the director responsible for these areas. New worldwide export markets are still emerging for our highly decorative and durable ranges.

Company Timeline

1918 - C.E. Pittaway commenced trading as a painter and decorator after returning from war duty.

1945 - J.W. Pittaway joined the company.

1964 - M.S. Pittaway joined the company.

1966 - Special Coatings division formed.

1970 - ILUMITEX and ILUMITEXTRA patented.

1978 - Pittaway Special Coatings started commenced exporting to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and Nigeria.

1994 - Roger Pittaway started painting and decorating at college.

1998 - Roger Pittaway becomes director of Pittaway Special Coatings Ltd.

1998 - Aston Villa Football Stadium 10,000m ILUMITEX applied in Club Colours - in the 6 weeks closed season, unique colour reference, unique coating system.

1999 - Pittaway Sempol Ltd. formed and flake manufacturing relocated to Hull.

2000 - Completion of the Lisson Green Housing Estate, Paddington London.

2004 - Exports into Nigeria and the Central African Republic.

2009 - Schools in North Lincolnshire.

2009 - ISO Certificate was awarded.

2010 - Agents for Latvia appointed.

2011 - Kexgill Student Houses completed.

2011 - Park Walk school project completed.

2011 - Agents for Lithuania appointed.

2012 - Pat McDonalds appointed agents.

2012 - C Brewers Stores appointed agents.

Roger Pittaway

Roger Pittaway (centre), Managing Director

Roger Pittaway at the Scottish Decorators Federation

Roger Pittaway at the Scottish Decorators Federation

C E Pittaway

C.E. Pittaway, who commenced trading as a painter and decorator after returning from war duty

J W Pittaway

J.W. Pittaway